Labour Day: Social-Media-Borne Professions on the Increase


“Good morning Dear Followers and welcome to another edition of your programme…,” almost a cliché phrase, if you ask me, as new professions have been birthed from the social media.

Call it content creation or management, many are the jobs which have been birthed by the social media in this Gen Z epoque.

Influencers are one of the most recent and prominent professions.

The Mariam Webster dictionary defines an influencer as: a person who is able to generate interest in something (such as a consumer product) by posting about it on social media.

Social media Influencers have taken over platforms as they endorse products, people or lifestyles, drawing large followings from various spheres of life.

They have taken over the space with regular posts and even online shows.

Bloggers did exist but in recent years, the social media has made them more visible as the quest to break the news first is the new normal.

Bloggers use their blogs to post content which is later shared on social networking sites. Their content usually sparks discussions online.

Community Management is the another new profession ushered in by the social media era. With the huge amount of content available online and comments streaming in from left and right, community managers have the arduous task of keeping the conversations flowing and orderly.

Their role is basically to moderate discussions on particular content posted, respond to queries and post content which will lead to discussions.

Vlogging and vloggers are like bloggers but for the fact that they do video blogging and post on online platforms.

YouTubers are those who use YouTube as their own portal to share information and entertaining content.

There is a meeting point between Vloggers and YouTubers as most Vloggers end up as YouTubers since they post their content on YouTube.

Social Media = Visibility of Profession

Online Marketing is one of the professions booming with visibility thanks to the social media.

People are able to advertise products online and win over customers who later buy and get their products delivered in no time.

In the meantime, delivery services range from food to cleaning to just anything, thanks to the social media.

The process usually starts from the order online, the purchase via online banking services and then the expedition of the parcel.

Another profession thriving thanks to the social media is Master of Ceremonies (MC / Emcee).

MCs can now advertise their services online or share short videos of their work so as to attract customers who have never met them in person and cannot displace themselves to experience their services, first-hand.

As time goes on, the work opportunities offered by social media keep increasing as people get creative and look for new avenues to explore.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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